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At JDM Excavating & Construction, we specialize in quality work at affordable prices. We’re licensed to work in both Maryland and West Virginia, so we can do business over a large area. If you need to prepare a site for construction or excavate land for a special purpose, we’re the people to call.

Foundations Any solid foundation starts with excavation. Whether you’re pouring a foundation for a single-family home or a multi-story building, we have the capabilities and expertise you need.

Land clearing Before digging a foundation, your first step is creating a level grade. That may mean digging away at hillsides or filling in depressions – both of which we can handle with ease.

Underground utilities We have the tools and experience to safely install private and municipal uitilites such as gas lines, power cables, and sewer systems.

Parking lots Building a parking lot is more than pouring asphalt on a flat surface. It involves making an undercut and back filling with stone to make a solid foundation for asphalt, concrete, or stone.

Roads (Residential only) Every good road starts with a good base, proper culvert placement, and ditching. This is critical for your road/s to hold up for years to come. 

Drainage & Irrigation These are important aspects of both agricultural and public works – both of which we can happily handle.

Swimming pools (Residential only) JDM Excavating can prep the pad for above ground simming pools or excavate for inground swimming pools. Contact us today for more information!    

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