Perc Tests & Septic Installation

Before you install a septic tank, you need to conduct a percolation test – AKA a “perc test.” This test determines whether your soil will absorb water fast enough to serve as the leach field. The test itself is relatively simple – a series of small holes are dug at varying depths. The holes are topped off with water to see how quickly they drain. Their rate of drainage will determine whether your proposed septic system will comply with state and local health codes.

At JDM Excavating & Construction, we have years of experience running perc tests and installing septic tanks. We can perform a perc test that will get you on the way to installing a septic system, and then we’ll provide quotes for the system itself. We’re proud to be a West Virginia Class 1 Septic System Installer.

We can also provide repair and removal services. Dealing with a damaged septic system can be stressful, but we’re here to clear blockages, remove waste, and repair any direct damage to the tank or drain field. In addition, we can remove the tank altogether and connect you to the public sewer system, if applicable.

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